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A Diamond Certificate is your gem’s official credentials delivered by a team of expert gemologists.AGS Laboratories, which does not have a financial interest in the diamond trade and is not in any way involved in the buying and selling of diamonds, ensures impartial grading and certification. A diamond Certificate from AGS means your diamond has been subjected to highly scientific evaluation by a distinguished team of gemologists using State-of-the-Art instrumentation to assure you the most accurate assessment of the diamond you are buying.
Official AGS certificates include a letter-sized certificate with a detailed diamond report.
A standard AGS certificate includes the following parameters:
1) AGS unique certificate number
2) certificate issue date
3) diamond weight in carats
4) shape and cut
5) diamond mm measurements
6) diamond proportions (depth, table width, crown height, girdle thickness)
7) diamond finish grading (polish, symmetry, culet)
8) clarity grading
9) color grading
10) fluorescence.

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The essential 5th C for any diamond: The Asian Gem Certificate
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